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Microblading requires a manual tool featuring several tiny needles in a row to deposit dye into the dermal second layer of the skin. The pen-like device yields amazingly natural-looking arches because the needles etch hyper-precise strokes that actually look like your brow hairs.This is not as permanent as permanent make-up, but should last 9 months to 1.5 years.

Microblading on Brows: $450
*includes one touch up 6 weeks after initial procedure



Permanent Sof Tap Makeup
Permanent makeup has been developed to enhance one’s natural features.  The SofTap method is a registered trademark and is known for its safety and accuracy.  When considering permanent makeup, the client’s comfort and safety should be a leading factor when making this decision.  The SofTap method is manually done versus the traditional tattoo machine.  It is more gentle to the client’s skin, therefore causing little to no pain.  This method has also proven to be safe with the use of disposable tools and the control the technician has with each tap.

Permanent Makeup
Permanent makeup can also be done with a machine. These enhancements will tend to go on darker, however can sometimes last longer than the manual, hand tapping method. This method is very accurate, takes less time, but is sometimes a little more uncomfortable to the client. This method is recommended for lips, lip liner and scar camoflauging.

Eyeliner: $450

Lip Liner: $400                                                                      

Full Lips: $550

Areola: $600 & Up

Correction:$100 & Up

Scar Camoflauge: $350 & Up

Receding Hair Line: $600 & Up

*All of these prices will include one touch up at 4-6 weeks