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This treatment is done with a machine that uses tiny needles over the skin to help re-build collagen and elastin. This treatment is used to significantly reduce pigmented spots, scars and stretch marks. Add a peel for better results...$400 (face)
*Custom pricing for stretch marks and body scarring

Oxygen Invigorating Treatment

This treatment combines our latest technology of a deeper hydrated exfoliation, oxygen serum infusion plus a custom peel...$250

Package of 6: $1250

Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment:
If your skin feels tight, dry, dehydrated and dull, then an O2 treatment would be great for your skin. In just one 30 minute treatment, your skin will look and feel years younger, nourished, hydrated, radiant and moisturized. As the Rejuvenation serum containing Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins A, C, and E, and Green Tea, infuses into your skin, it will give an instant and noticeable lifting and plumping of the skin. Fine lines and blemishes virtually disappear. This treatment is great added on to any facial or corrective skin treatment.
*These treatments are best done in a series of 6


Eyes or Lips...$65

Prepaid Package of 6 Face: $1000

Photo Facials:
Photofacials are used for the treatment of sun-damaged skin. These procedures will lighten and clear pigmentation, spider veins, sun spots, rosacea and cherry angiomas.  These treatments can be done on skin types 1-4. The Palomar system uses a special hand-piece to emit pulses of light into the skin that target melanin and hemoglobin. The heat generated will dissolve the cells that create pigment and shrink the vessels. Other noted benefits of these procedures are the shrinking of enlarged pores and the stimulation of collagen and elastin that in turn plump up the skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These procedures provide a little bit of discomfort and there is little to no downtime. These procedures are fast and can treat  the face, neck, chest, arms, back and legs. These procedures aid in a younger, more radiant-looking skin. Most clients can expect to do a series of 3-5 treatments one time a month to achieve desired results.


Chest/Upper or Lower Arms      $350

Upper or Lower Legs:                  $400

Face:                                              $290

Neck or Hands:                            $200

This treatment is done with a machine that exfoliates your skin with water and a specific hand piece to eliminate dead skin cells. Add a peel for better results...$115 

Green Peel:
This enzyme peel by Dr. Schrammek will help stimulate new cell formation to reveal healthier and more youthful skin. This treatment is safe for all skin-types and will help with acne, pigmentation and enlarged pores:  $250

The Glycolic Peel is know the help with fine lines and wrinkles and acne scarring...$90

The Jennsers Peel is know the help with fine lines and wrinkles...$90

The Refresher Peel is a combo of glycolic and kojac acid, known to brighten and tighten skin...$75

Salicylic Peel:
The Salicylic Peel is known to help reduce acne prone or problematic skin...$75

The Lactic Peel is known to help reduce signs of pigmentation...$50

Retinol C:
The Retinol C Peel is known to help reduce signs of pigmentation, go after fine lines and wrinkles plus give your skin a healthy glow..$95

Peel Package- Buy 5 and get the 6th one FREE


Oxygen Invigorating Facial- Most Recomended
This facial  combines our latest technology of a deeper hydrated exfoliation, oxygen serum infusion plus a custom peel. This facial also includes a deep cleansing of the pores, extractions and mask. You will also enjoy a neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage...$325

Deep Cleansing Facial:
This relaxing facial is a customized treatment created especially for you and includes steam, extractions and facial massage. Also includes neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage...$85

Spa Signature Facial:
This unique facial includes deep cleansing, multi-effect exfoliating enzymes, rejuvenating aromatherapy, renewing and firming treatments for the eye contour, massage, mask and protection...$110

Men's Sports Facial:
This facial is geared to the active man wanting to restore, refresh and relax...$80

Hydra-Invigorating Facial:                                                                                
This skin regenerating facial contains 100% freeze dried algae that will increase water binding capacity by a 25-30 fold to help rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. This treatment is geared towards dry or dehydrated skin… $125

Revitalize Vitamin C Facial:
This antioxidant facial refines and purifies the skin. The calcium purifies as it removes makeup and dead skin cells. Vitamin C is an excellent treatment for erythema and inflammation. This facial is also great for sun damage and post-surgery and is great for all skin types…$200

Acne Rescue Facial:                                                                            
This facial has Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree to cool and soothe inflamed skin plus fight bacteria build up. This is an excellent treatment for decongesting the skin…$90

Luminescent Skin Brightening Facial:

This treatment improves skin microcirculation and activates skins metabolism. This treatment includes a lift off peel off mask known to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. It is also great for sensitive skin or after a peel…$125

Rosacea Facial:
This treatment is geared for anyone suffering with Rosacea and includes a specialized layered mask specifically created to reduce redness immediately…$150

Decollate Rosacea Facial:

A great add on to the Rosacea Facial to reduce redness in your Decollate…$75 (must be added to Rosacea Facial

Golden Caviar Facial: 
This exquisite treatment is the ultimate luxury facial. The precious caviar extract revitalizes skin leaving your skin soft and supple. This is our top of the line anti-aging facial and will also diminish fine lines and wrinkles…$175

Cytoluxe Renewal Facial:

This exquisite treatment is our newest facial that will instantly smooth out fine lines. With the use of the Phytostem Technology from the Glo Cyto-Lux line you will see an instant glow and smoothing of the skin…$190