Age Management in Houston

Age Management in Houston

April 26 2018

We all want to look great as we age, but some things that cause signs of aging aren’t exactly within our control. Stress, the environment, and our genetics can all play a major role in the way we look as we age. Here at Skin Essentials Luxury Med Spa and Salon in Houston, we are committed to helping our clients combat the signs of aging and grow older gracefully and beautifully. 

We specialize in preventing and reversing the signs of aging no matter how old you are, and we utilize a variety of treatments to help you reach your skincare goals. From skin pen treatments and photo facials to oxygen treatments, we have a little bit of everything to address your personal wants and needs and get your skin looking radiant. 

For fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne scarring, pigmentation, and melasma, we recommend a skin pen treatment. This treatment is a type of micro needling that uses adjustable length needles that penetrate the skin at a 90-degree angle. This allows for extra precision and less downtime afterward.

Sun-damaged skin needs a photo facial! This procedure will lighten and clear pigmentation, spider veins, sun spots, rosacea, and cherry angiomas. We use a special hand-piece to emit pulses of light into the skin that target melanin and hemoglobin to dissolve the cells that create pigment and shrink the vessels. Side effects can include pore shrinkage and the stimulation of collagen production, which is a major boost in plumping up the skin!

If your skin is feeling tight, dry, and dull, perhaps you could use an oxygen treatment. This treatment combines our latest technology of a deeper hydrated exfoliation with an oxygen serum infusion that will leave your skin looking and feeling years younger. Our unique serum contains Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins A, C, and E, and Green Tea that gives you an instant and noticeable lift. We finish this treatment with a custom peel to give your skin a radiant glow. 

The treatments listed above are just a sampling of a variety of tools we have in our kit to help you fight the signs of aging. For a more comprehensive look at your options, schedule a free consultation with our certified professionals at Skin Essentials today! Come on into our location at 11464 Space Center Blvd, Houston, or give us a call at 281-487-2828. You can also download our free app from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.