CoolSculpting or Liposuction?

CoolSculpting or Liposuction?

December 31 2017

If you are thinking about Liposuction, find out why we are keeping many of our clients from surgery! CoolSculpting is the only FDA cleared fat reduction treatment and it works if done correctly and by one of our Certified Master Artists! We believe that anyone can use a machine, but it takes an Artist to have the eye to determine each persons customized treatment plan to give them the WOW results. We are known to keep people from surgery and to do correction on past surgeries where fat pockets or uneven areas were left behind.

With CoolSculpting there is no down time, no scars, no complications and the list goes on. We know that it is hard to understand how a machine that freezes fat, can really work, but the proof is in our before and after pictures. We are so confident in our Treatment plans, we have a money back guarantee, because we know this technology works and we understand how it works.

Fat cells cannot live in freezing conditions, so with CoolSculpting, the machine freezes the fat cells in the areas we are treating and over a 30-120 day period the body gets rid of the dead fat cells through waste and the lymphatic system. We believe that due to the fact that the body gradually transforms, it gives the elasticity in your skin time to conform with the reduction of fat in that area. We also know that the only fat cells that are destroyed are the adipose fat cells, which are the fat cells closest to the skin, so when they are gone, the area we treated looks more smooth and has less of a cellulite appearance. Therefor, we are able to give our clients a body transformation that looks like they have had plastic surgery.