Improve Your Intimate Life

Improve Your Intimate Life

February 14 2019

Urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, and even reduced sexual responsiveness are frequent complaints of women who are past their childbearing years or are going through menopause. Thankfully, Skin Essentials Luxury Med Spa & Salon is offering symptom relief without the pain or downtime associated with surgical intervention.

The O Shot is a revolutionary vaginal rejuvenating treatment that addresses all of these concerns. Using growth factors from your own blood plasma to alleviate stress incontinence, dryness, and sexual dysfunction, this safe, nonsurgical procedure actually stimulates natural vaginal rejuvenation.

Our Nurse Practitioner will draw your blood and then put it in a centrifuge machine to spin it down and separate the plasma from the blood. This is known as PRP. A topical numbing will be applied to the treatment area, and once you are completely numb, the plasma will be injected into your vaginal area. This will only take a few minutes and there is no pain or downtime to this procedure, so you can resume normal activities right afterward. Desired results can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. This treatment is best done in conjunction with the ThermiVa treatment and most patients will do this one time per year.
In the month of February, you can enjoy all the benefits of the O Shot treatment at huge savings! You will even have the option of adding Intimate Pink Bleaching to your treatment with savings on that treatment as well. Intimate skin lightening is sometimes needed because of uneven pigmentation that can occur in intimate skin areas. In today’s culture, people are taking extra care to look great in every situation, including areas that are not normally exposed. The skin in our intimate areas often appears darker than our normal skin tone, and while normal, this can be a cause of embarrassment for some. Allow us to help you improve your intimate life with both of these excellent treatment options!

If you’re suffering from bladder leakage, diminished sexual pleasure, or even vaginal dryness, schedule a free consultation with our certified professionals at Skin Essentials today! Come on into our location at 11464 Space Center Blvd, Houston, or give us a call at 281-487-2828. You can also download our free app from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.