BioTE Hormone Therapy in Houston

BioTE Hormone Therapy in Houston

January 24 2018

Studies have shown that balanced, natural Testosterone are necessary for good health and disease prevention in men. Unfortunately, up to a third of men experience hormonal imbalance as they age that can cause a range of symptoms including exhaustion, irritability, and extreme mood swings. If this sounds like something you might be experiencing, Skin Essentials Luxury Med Spa and Salon may have just the solution you need: bioTe Testosterone Optimization!

What exactly is testosterone optimization? We use bioTe Medical’s BHRT pellet therapy, which involves inserting tiny pellets of bio-identical hormones just under the skin. The pellets release these hormones into the bloodstream continuously, helping you feel like yourself again in about 7-10 days. Bio-identical hormones are hormones derived from plants rather than animal or synthetic sources. This means that these hormones most closely replicate the molecular structure of human hormones, making this the most natural way to overcome hormonal imbalance.

The main goal with bioTe hormone replacement therapy is to restore a sense of wellbeing to all our clients. BHRT pellet therapy is customized to your unique physiology, so this is not a one size fits all approach. Your treatment will be tailored to your needs, ensuring the greatest possibility of success in achieving your optimal hormonal balance.

Ready to feel like yourself again? Schedule your appointment with Skin Essentials today! Come on in to our location at 11464 Space Center Blvd in Houston, or give us a call at 281-487-2828. For your convenience, you can also download our app for free from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.